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Our activities in this area cover large, medium and small companies, partnerships and sole proprietorship, Federal, State and Local Governments. Our approach comprises of system and balance sheet audit.

In addition to the statutory audit, we also undertake management audit services including personnel audit, value added audit, acquisition audit, shares valuation, credit assessment for lenders, verification and evaluation of compliance with internal control, advise on cost reduction and control/profit improvement.We are confident that we will provide you with first-class audit services in line with our proven experienced services.

Normally, the scope of our audit services is determined by the statute under which we are appointed, the objective being to issue a report that meets the requirements of the particular statute.

If in the process, we become aware of any weakness in your organization’s systems of internal checks and controls, we would feel obliged to formally bring them to the attention of the management body while making recommendations and suggestions for their rectification